Incorporating fish in Earth system predictions Grant uri icon


  • The proposal is to add the FEISTY fish model to the MOM6 ESM. The linkage will include both linkages to the COBALT and MARBL BGC models; the focus of analyses will be using the MOM6-COBALT-FEISTY combination. Two objectives are stated: (1) couple FEISTY to MOM6, and (2) perform simulations using the CORE protocol. The PIs state two research questions: (1) What is the spatiotemporal variability in fish biomass distributions and food web structure in response to large-scale climate forcing, and (2) Do higher trophic levels impart variability on nutrient and oxygen cycling? There are many steps underlying these two objectives and questions related to the technical aspects of the coupling and getting to the point of being able to perform a long-term, large-scale simulation of the coupled models. The PIs will use their past experience with coupling MARBL to facilitate coupling FEISTY to MOM6. The proposal is to basically set-up the MOM6-COBALT-FEISTY modeling system with two-way coupling. As part of this development, the PIs will use a few simulations to try to calibrate and address their two research questions. The PIs acknowledge that their proposal is technical in nature and will focus on model development, as well as documentation. They plan to make their model available to the broader community to pursue a multitude of scientific questions.

date/time interval

  • 2020 - 2023