A Novel Complex Event Processing System to Augment O&G Recovery in Intelligent Fields under Technical and Geological Uncertainties in Carbonate Reservoirs Grant uri icon


  • With depleting energy resources and increasing energy demands, challenges concerning economic Oil and Gas (O&G) exploitation from the field have increased. Intelligent Fields (IFs) aim to maximize production and profitability while minimizing safety risks and operating costs, by continuous monitoring and controlling operations. Sensors, located at multiple points of an IF well, obtain real-time hydraulic data such as pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Flow is controlled via Inflow Control Valves (ICVs) from the subsurface level, which can decrease intervention frequency and increase production value significantly when placed optimally. Among the considerable advantages of IFs, the integrated and automated data from sensors and simulated models results in the ability to run diagnostic tests and identify failures. The advancement of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and remote sensing is recognized as the 4th Industrial Revolution. The automation became the must-have for the companies in O&G. These industry transformations have the potential to combat economic and technical issues usually encountered in conventional O&G fields. In fact, the International Energy Agency stated that recoverable O&G resources could be enhanced by around 5% globally with the application of current and emerging digital technologies [1]. The digital technologies can be applied to improve the recovery factors by enhanced modeling and tracking of fluids within the reservoir and automated production control of wells, especially in carbonate reservoirs where its heterogeneity makes it challenging to accurately determine the fieldâ s petrophysical properties. Systematic design and monitoring of IFs in carbonate reservoirs are both critical to ensure adequate flexibility for efficient control of O&G production. However, the design and operation of IFs in carbonate reservoirs primarily relies on the specific challenges that arise due to technical and geological uncertainties. Furthermore, fully identifying the reservoir and its flow properties are challenging. In this project, the principal investigators will collaborate to devote their expertise and elaborate a novel Complex Event Processing (CEP) system to augment O&G recovery in intelligent fields under technical and geological uncertainties in carbonate reservoirs. To address these uncertainties, the research team plans to accomplish the following objectives: 1. Develop real-time low-dimensional mechanistic O&G virtual flow sensors for multiple reservoir conditions, wellbores, and Inflow Control Valves (ICVs). 2..........

date/time interval

  • 2020 - 2023