Collaborative Research: Understanding Machining Induced Microstructure Changes to Ti for Implant Applications Grant uri icon


  • This collaborative research award supports fundamental research on machining of ultra-fine grained pure titanium for biomedical applications. The research will test the hypothesis that machining induces microstructure changes in severe plastic deformation-processed ultra-fine grained metals, which affects their functionality and cell-material interaction performance. Specifically, key research activities include fabricating bulk ultra-fine grained titanium using equal channel angular extrusion, characterizing the machining-induced microstructure change and functionality variation in terms of grain size, dislocation density, residual stress, and corrosion behavior, and investigating machining-induced cell-material interaction alterations in terms of osteoblast cell adhesion and proliferation. Ultra-fine grained titanium bars will be studied because of titanium''s promising use for medical implants and prosthetics. Research results will provide knowledge and understanding of machining-induced material property variations and functionality alterations of severe plastic deformation-processed bulk ultra-fine grained titanium. The methodology will contribute to the adoption of ultra-fine grained metals in the healthcare industry requiring high strength and corrosion resistance and the automobile industry requiring high strength-to-weight ratios. This collaborative research project features a unique collaboration among materials processing, machining, and biomedical manufacturing researchers. The research activities will promote advanced manufacturing for healthcare applications as well as disciplinary education in materials, materials processing, and manufacturing through curriculum development. The research will also positively impact the participation of diverse groups and promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics activities at the University of Florida, Texas A&M, and Georgia Tech.

date/time interval

  • 2014 - 2017