David, Jonathan Michael (2019-05). Mixed Methods Study of Problem-Solving and Metacognition in the Elementary Classroom. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • The implementation of high-stakes testing has radically altered mathematics instruction in elementary classrooms. A curriculum that is heavily focused on developing successful test takers has fostered a weakness in our students' ability to solve complex problems. The purpose of this record of study was to examine the impact of a problem-solving program at a small elementary campus in North Texas. A mixed methods approach was used to examine the effectiveness of the intervention which integrated metacognitive actions with problem-solving skills. The program was examined within the context of student problem-solving, student use of metacognitive strategies, and teacher perceptions of student success. The findings suggest that the intervention was effective in increasing the problem-solving skills and metacognitive actions of third and fourth grade students on our campus. Recommendations include the implementation of a campus-wide, problem-solving model and increased use of guided instruction in mathematics classes. Recommendations for further study include an examination of the effectiveness of implementation with younger students.

publication date

  • May 2019
  • August 2019