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Wright, Gus Research Scientist


My career aspirations are to conduct multidisciplinary collaborative research in cancer biology, nutrition, immunology, and infectious disease mechanisms. Currently, I am the director of the Texas A&M Flow Cytometry Facility and I use my expertise in flow cytometry, imaging flow cytometry and microscopy to assist experimenters with experimental design and how to use the instruments properly to obtain quality data and to analyze and interpret the data that are essential for high impact journals and competitive extramural grants. As director of the Flow Cytometry Facility, I am involved in many collaborative ventures in cancer biology, cancer immunology, immunology, nutrition, infectious disease and many other areas in health and agriculture. I have served as Director of the FCF for the past 4 years and managed the FCF 5 years prior to becoming the director. I have managed major equipment for 15 years combined at Vanderbilt and Texas A&M Universities. I have extensive experience in flow cytometry, imaging flow cytometry and microscopy and have taken numerous courses in microscopy and flow cytometry. Additionally, I have taught lectures in the theory, use and application of flow cytometry and microscopy. As Director, I have improved the Texas A&M Flow Core Facility by orchestrating a facility that provides the highest quality customer service and subsequent data for flow cytometry and image cytometry users, resulting in enhanced multidisciplinary collaborative research and extramural funding at Texas A&M University.

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