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Sakib, Md Nazmus Instructional Assistant Professor


Currently, I am conducting research and scholarly work on interdisciplinary topics while serving as a research assistant in the Connected Informatics and Built Environment Research (CIBER) Lab, Department of Construction Science, also affiliated with HUman Bio-Behavioral Signals (HUBBS) Lab, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and working toward my Ph.D. degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Texas A&M University. I was also an Instructor on record for Building Information Modeling (BIM) courses for undergraduate students.


Wearable devices, Physiological signal processing, Big data, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) technology, Virtual reality (VR) simulation, Game physics engine, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Construction processes, automation, safety, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Digital Twin.

HR job title

  • Instructional Assistant Professor