Keppler, Katlin Danielle (2017-08). Examining the Aspirations and Expectations of Haitian Eighth Grade Students. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Haiti is a country plagued with challenges of widespread unemployment and food insecurity. This study seeks to address these challenges through the describing of youth career aspirations and expectations in Haiti. By defining these aspirations and expectations, practitioners in the field of education will have a foundation in which target interventions in agricultural education can be developed to reduce unemployment and food insecurity in the country. A qualitative design was used for this study. The researcher conducted interviews with six students at Lassale School of the Christianville Foundation in Gressier, Haiti. Face-to-face interviews were structured and consisted of six guiding questions based on the Possible Selves Theory. Additionally, students completed a six picture Q-sort instrument to identify desired and least desired careers among the students. These interviews were performed in the common language of the country, Haitian Creole, and were aided by the use of an interpreter from the community. The results of the study found most students did not distinguish their career aspirations versus expectations. Findings showed that students had a strong aversion toward manual labor and the careers of their parents. Based on the findings, students were highly motivated by their feared selves in determining their aspired selves. Occupational counseling and vocational education in school were among the recommendations given.

publication date

  • August 2017