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Liang, Gongbo Assistant Professor


Dr. Liang is a researcher in the field of computer vision and deep neural networks, dedicating himself to this area of study since 2016. He is particularly enthusiastic about leveraging modern deep neural networks to tackle complex domain-specific challenges while addressing the fundamental issues of deep neural networks. With numerous projects in medical imaging, astrophysics and astronomy, and natural language processing, Dr. Liang possesses a diverse range of expertise across various domains. He also has a keen interest in the topics of neural network adversarial attack and defense, as well as the application of neural networks in cybersecurity. Dr. Liang's contributions to the field are evident in his impressive portfolio of over 30 peer-reviewed publications and two award-winning abstracts. Furthermore, he has licensed an AI algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis to the industry, showcasing his commitment to translating his research into practical applications.

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