Active Grants for the Chemistry department

Grant Name Close Date
211 At Production at Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute 1/1/2022
CAREER: Aerobic Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry as a Platform for Oxidase Catalysis 1/1/2024
CAREER: Conformational Control of pi-Conjugated Polymeric Materials Through Dynamic Bonds 1/1/2022
CAREER: Exploiting Novel Architectures for Advanced Heterometallic Magnetic Molecules and Materials 1/1/2023
CAS: Synthetic Methodologies to Harness the Chemical Diversity of Natural Products for the Sustainable Production of High Value Macromolecular Materials 1/1/2024
CCI Phase 1: NSF Center for the Mechanical Control of Chemistry 1/1/2023
CPS: Medium: Real-Time Learning and Control of Stochastic Nanostructure Growth Processes Through in situ Dynamic Imaging 1/1/2023
Cationic Gold-Antimony Complexes: Synthesis and Electrophilic Properties 1/1/2022
Center of Excellence in Nuclear Training and University Based Research (CENTUAR) 1/1/2023
Characterization of Macromolecular Dynamics Using Para-hydrogen Induced Polarization of Nuclear Spins 1/1/2022
Chemical, Electrochemical and Physical Properties of Metallosupramolecular Architectures with Neutral and Radical Bridging Ligands and the Influence of Non-Covalent Interactions 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research. The Texas A&M System AGEP Alliance: A Model to Advance Historically Underrepresented Minorities in the STEM Professoriate 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Understanding and Tuning the Molecular Arrangement and Charge Storage Properties of Textured Graphene-Ionic Liquid Interface 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Experiments and Simulations at the Nexus of Geophysics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Mechanics to Determine the Physical Basis for Rate-State Friction 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: Studies of Charge Transport in Designed Nanoscale Molecular Assemblies 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: Synthesis and Rigidity Quantification of Ladder Polymers with Controlled Structural Defects 1/1/2023
Cyclotron Based Nuclear Science 1/1/2022
Determination of Fundamental Structure-Topology-Morphology-Properties for Naturally-derived Recyclable Polymer Materials Designed to Address Environmental and Societal Challenges 1/1/2024
Develop General Methods for the Synthesis of Proteins with Posttranslational Lysine Modifications 1/1/2022
Engineering Research Center for Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations (PATHS-UP) 1/1/2022
Environmental Monitoring of Hydrocarbons using a Selective, Sensitive and Trainable Electronic BTEX Sensing Platform Integrating Nanoporous Polymer Receptors and Carbon Nanotubes 1/1/2022
Evaluation of Trk Probes in Models for Dry Eye Disease 1/1/2022
Exciton and its Coupling with Spin and Lattice in Strongly Quantum Confined 0D-2D Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 1/1/2023
Graphene Carbocatalysts for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Fuels 1/1/2022
High Performance Multifunctional Smart Windows Using Novel Thermochromic Materials for Energy Conservation 1/1/2022
Hyperpolarization Assisted and Structure Based Screening of Protein-Ligand Interactions in Live Cells 1/1/2023
Innovative Native Ion Mobility Approaches for Transformational Measurements in Structural Biology 1/1/2024
Iron Trafficking and Regulation in Biological Systems 1/1/2023
Menaquinone Biosynthesis via the Futalosine Pathway 1/1/2022
Metal-Free Electrocatalysis for Fine-Chemical Synthesis 1/1/2025
Mirror Image Aptamers: Next Generation RNA-Binding Reagents for Basic Research and Therapeutic Applications 1/1/2022
New Strategies for Creating Single and Dual Atom Catalysts on Silica Surfaces 1/1/2022
Primary Amines as Versatile Precursors for the Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Macromolecular Drug Carriers 1/1/2025
REU Site: Sustainable Chemistry at Texas A&M University 1/1/2022
Templating Lattice-Confined Catalysts for Selective Hydrocarbon Upgrading 1/1/2023
The Biology and Biochemistry of Lipid Transfer-Protein-Regulated Phosphoinositide Signaling. 1/1/2024
USAFA: Hypersonic Turbulent Wall Heat Transfer Prediction and Validation 1/1/2022
Unveiling the Enigmatic Biosynthetic Machinery of the Azinomycins 1/1/2022