Active Grants for the Geology and Geophysics department

Grant Name Close Date
Advanced air dehumidification membranes for energy efficient membrane-based air-cooling process 1/1/2023
CAREER: Experimental Investigation of Deformation and Slip Behaviors of Subduction Megathrust Rocks 1/1/2024
CAREER: Merging Geoscience Research and Education to Investigate Convergent-Margin Deformation and Improve Spatio-Temporal Problem Solving in STEM Education 1/1/2024
CAREER: Microfossils as Drivers for Submarine Landslides? 1/1/2025
Collaborative Research: Modeling fault ruptures along bends and stepovers 1/1/2023
Digital Core Analysis for Qatari Carbonate Reservoir Characterization (QCRC) 1/1/2023
Laboratory Technician Support: Enhancing Access to the John W. Handin Laboratory for Experimental Rock Deformation 1/1/2023
Management and Operations of the JOIDES Resolution as a Facility for the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) 1/1/2024
NSF - Division of Earth Sciences 1948660 Collaborative Research: Community tools for automated paleoenvironmental interpretation from sedimentary field data ($897,739) TAMU PIs Ryan Ewing and Tracy Hammond ($589,480), Penn State PI: Liz Hajek ($308,359) 1/1/2023
Oxidizing Oases in the Paleoarchean Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa 1/1/2025
Participation in International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 393 1/1/2024