Active Grants for the Aerospace Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
ARL: Air Ground Coordination 1/1/2024
ARL: Hypersonic Vehicles 1/1/2024
ARL: Innovative Ecosystem Performance Research 1/1/2024
ARL: Laser Diagnostics and Lethality 1/1/2024
Canonical Validation Experiments for Hypersonic Aerodynamics 1/1/2023
Diagnostic Tools and Test Facilities to Characterize Plasma-Material Interaction in High-Enthalpy Flows 1/1/2023
Forward Thomson Scattering for the Measurement of Weakly Ionized Plasmas in Hypersonic Flows 1/1/2023
Improving the Fidelity of General Flexible Multibody Dynamic Simulations (Student: Carl Leake) 1/1/2023
Non-Isothermal Viscoplasticity in Metals 1/1/2023
PEGASAS (DTFACT-14-D-00006) 1/1/2023
Real-Time Optimal Guidance via Theory of Connections (Student: Hunter Johnston) 1/1/2023
Selected-Eddy Simulations (SES): a revolutionary approach for turbulence simulations 1/1/2023
TA-1: Laser Diagnostics for Hypersonics and Directed Energy 1/1/2026
Virtual Assistant for Spacecraft Anomaly Treatment during Long Duration Exploration Missions 1/1/2023