Active Grants for the Science (Qatar) department

Grant Name Close Date
Early diagnosis of proteinopathies using massively parallel nano-spectroscopy with single-molecule sensitivity. Advanced clinical diagnostics for the development of personalized treatments 1/1/2024
Enabling cybersecurity, situational awareness and resilience in distribution grids through smart devices and deep-learning 1/1/2023
Environmental Monitoring of Hydrocarbons using a Selective, Sensitive and Trainable Electronic BTEX Sensing Platform Integrating Nanoporous Polymer Receptors and Carbon Nanotubes 1/1/2022
Graphene Carbocatalysts for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Fuels 1/1/2022
High Performance Multifunctional Smart Windows Using Novel Thermochromic Materials for Energy Conservation 1/1/2022
Intrinsically Stable Plastic Energy Harvesting Materials: Thermodynamically Stable All-Polymer Devices 1/1/2024
Multiscale corrosion Modelling for the Oil & Gas Industry 1/1/2024
Photonics with Structured Light for Applications in Communication and Nano-technologies 1/1/2023