Active Grants for the Mathematics department

Grant Name Close Date
AF: Medium: Collaborative Research: Arithmetic Geometry Methods in Complexity and Communication- 1/1/2022
CAREER: Biochemical Reaction Systems: From Structure to Dynamics 1/1/2023
CAREER: Wave Evolution on Singular Spacetimes 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Investigating STEM Teacher Preparation and Rural Teacher Persistence and Retention (TPR)2 1/1/2025
Descriptive Dynamics: Group Actions and Their Measured, Borel, and Topological Structures 1/1/2022
Ergodicity and the Number of Nodal Domains of Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian 1/1/2022
FRG: Collaborative Research: The Hypoelliptic Laplacian, Noncommutative Geometry, and Applications to Representations and Singular Spaces 1/1/2023
Families of L-Functions and Analytic Number Theory 1/1/2023
Finite Element Methods for the Surface Stokes Equation 1/1/2023
Geometry of Banach Spaces and Metric Spaces 1/1/2022
Graph Decompositions and Their Applications 1/1/2023
HDR Tripods: Texas A&M Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Foundations of DATA Science (TRIFECDAS) 1/1/2022
Higher Invariants of Elliptic Operators and Applications 1/1/2023
Homological Techniques for Noncommutative Algebras and Tensor Categories 1/1/2023
NSF DMS-1900844 “Workshop in Analysis and Probability” 1/1/2022
Quantized Symmetries in Operator Algebras and Quantum Information 1/1/2023
Robust approximation of nonlinear conservation equations 1/1/2023
SCH: INT: Personalized Models of Nutrition Intake from Continuous Glucose Monitors 1/1/2024
Spectral problems of mathematical physics and material science 1/1/2023
Stochastic Processes on Rough Spaces and Geometric Properties of Random Sets 1/1/2022
Strengthening Mathematics Instructions for Elementary and Middle Schools 1/1/2024
Workshop in Analysis and Probability 1/1/2022