Active Grants for the Psychological and Brain Sciences department

Grant Name Close Date
A longitudinal investigation of the cerebellum in adulthood: anatomical and network changes, motor function, and cognition 1/1/2024
Balancing Identities to Broaden Participation in STEM 1/1/2024
Biological Systems as Mediators of Bidirectional Influences on Anxiety Risk in the Mother-Child Dyad During Infancy 1/1/2025
Breaking Risk Habituation to Occupational Hazards using Virtual Reality Interventions with Aversive Sensory Feedback 1/1/2023
CHS: Medium: Collaborative Reearch: Bio-behavioral data analytics to enable personalized training of veterans for the future workforce 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: PROmoting Geoscience Research Education and SuccesS (PROGRESS) 1/1/2025
Collaborative Research: Preparing Students for the New Manufacturing Economy: An Integrative Learning Approach 1/1/2024
Collaborative Research: Science Modeling through Physical Computing:Contextualized Computational and Scientific Learning in the Grade 5-6 Classroom 1/1/2023
Components of Selection History and the Control of Attention 1/1/2023
Establishing a Link Between Habits and Punishment Resistance 1/1/2023
FW-HTF-RM: The Future of Teleoperation in Construction Workplaces 1/1/2023
Families for Biomedical Science Success 1/1/2023
GCR: Programmable Nanorobots Integration with Magnetically-Driven Neuron and Brain Tissue Regeneration 1/1/2025
IUSE/PFE:RED A&I: Soft Wired Teaming for Creating Opportunities to Revolutionize the Preparation of Students (TCORPS) through Building, Testing and Sharing Pedagogical Improvem 1/1/2023
Neural circuits for stress-impaired extinction learning 1/1/2023
Nociceptive Input After Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Expands the Region of Secondary Injury and Undermines Long-Term Recovery 1/1/2023
Scaling Up Culturally Affirming Pathways to Biomedical Faculty Careers for Native Scholars 1/1/2025
Studying Inclusive Mentor Networks to Diversify the Biomedical Workforce 1/1/2024