Active Grants for the Ecology and Conservation Biology department

Grant Name Close Date
Adaptation of Western Gulf loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) to a changing environment: Understanding water use efficiency and growth 1/1/2023
Assessment, Management and Sustainability of Terrestial Ecosystems 1/1/2024
CESU - CEAP Cropland and Grazing Land Modeling 1/1/2022
Coastal Ecology and Management 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: Fuel Treatment Planning Optimization for Wildfire Management 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: The Nature of Fire-Vegetation Relationships in Tropical Savanna-Forest Mosaics 1/1/2025
Coordinated LandManagement on Rangelands to Enhance the Delivery of Ecosystem Services 1/1/2023
Digitization TCN: Collaborative: American Crossroads: Digitizing the vascular flora of the south-central United States 1/1/2023
Disturbances, Changing Markets, and Competitiveness of Forestry in the Southern United States 1/1/2023
Diversification of organisms across ecological gradients and supporting quantitative methodology 1/1/2024
Ecohydrology: Vegetation Management and Water Resources 1/1/2022
Ecologically and Economically Sustainable Strategies for Beef Cattle Production in the Southern Great Plains 1/1/2023
Ecology of forested windbreaks and woodland vegetation and their concomitant impact on wildfire behavior, suppression, and containment. 1/1/2024
Enhancing Livestock Production from Rangelands in the Great Plains 1/1/2024
Evolution and Spatial Phylogenetics of the Texas Biota 1/1/2024
Fire ecology of American savannas and grassland-forest mosaics 1/1/2023
Global Hunger and Food Security Research Strategy: Program Area 4. Small-Scale Irrigation Technologies and Agricultural Water Management 1/1/2023
Identifying the genetic basis of adaptation to environmental stressors in loblolly pine and other conifers to improve forest health and productivity 1/1/2024
Informal STEM Education: Bringing the public and scientists together to enhance the scientific enterprise, increase scientific literacy, and promote conservation 1/1/2024
Integrating Genomic Data and Physiological Measurements To Identify Fast Growing, Drought-Tolerant Loblolly Pine Varieties 1/1/2022
Management and environmental controls of belowground carbon allocation in terrestrial ecosystems 1/1/2024
Paleobiology, Evolution, and Climate: Interdisciplinary Research for Conservation 1/1/2024
Protecting Tree Health in Texas Communities and Woodlands 1/1/2023
Soil, Water, and Environmental Physics to Sustain Agriculture and Natural Resources 1/1/2024
Sustainable Small Ruminant Production 1/1/2023
Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and response to environmental change 1/1/2024
The effects of drought, fire, and woody plant management on the nutrition and physiology of ungulate herbivores in semi-arid regions: Phase 1. 1/1/2023
Understanding Woody Encroachment as a Coupled-Human and Natural System 1/1/2024
Vegetation change and the biogeochemistry of grassland and savanna ecosystems 1/1/2024
Wildlife Toxicology: Assessing Impacts of Environmental Contaminants on Birds 1/1/2024