Active Grants for the Civil Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
Additive Manufacturing of Concrete for Sustainable Construction using Locally Developed Materials 1/1/2023
CAREER: Household Network Modeling and Empathetic Learning for Integrating Social Equality into Infrastructure Resilience Assessment 1/1/2024
CAREER: Leveraging Existing Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence to Understand the Performance of Civil Infrastructure Under Extreme Hazard Loads 1/1/2025
Concrete and Composites Experiments and Modeling for Army Applications 1/1/2024
GOALI/Collaborative Research: Novel and Efficient Seabed Ring Anchor for Omnidirectional Loading 1/1/2023
Hydrogen Production from Seawater electrolysis using Highly Selective Earth-Abundant Catalysts and Membraneless Electrolyzer 1/1/2023
IRES Track II: US-Korea Advanced Transportation Infrastructure Informatics Institutes (ATI3) 1/1/2023
NRI: INT: COLLAB: Leveraging Environmental Monitoring UAS in Rainforests 1/1/2023
Phase III IUCRC at TAMU College Station: Center for Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI) 1/1/2024
Research, Education and Outreach Programs to Manage and Protect Water Resources Throughout Texas 1/1/2023
Texas A&M Center for Environmental Health Research 1/1/2024
Three-Dimensional Dynamic Nonlocal Beam Formulation for Simulation of Damage and Failure in Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements 1/1/2023