Active Grants for the Oceanography department

Grant Name Close Date
Assessing the influence of background state and climate variability on tropical cyclones using initialized ensembles and mesh refinement in E3SM 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Hydrothermal Estuaries: What Sets the Hydrothermal Flux of Fe and Mn to the Oceans? 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Management and Implementation of US GEOTRACES GP17 Section: South Pacific and Southern Ocean (GP17-OCE) 1/1/2023
Comprehensive Tools and Models for Addressing Exposure to Mixtures During Environmental Emergency-Related Contamination Events 1/1/2022
Defying Dissolution: Unraveling the Enigma of North Pacific Deep-Sea Scleractinian Reefs in Undersaturated Water 1/1/2023
NMFS-Sea Grant Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Graduate Fellowship (David Nicholas Weber Jr.): Applying Genomic Techniques to Fisheries Management: A Focus on Exploited Groupers (Family Serrandiae) 1/1/2023
NOAA Omnibus Texas Sea Grant Support 2018-2021 1/1/2022
NSFGEO-NERC: Collaborative Research: Energy transfer between submesoscale vortices and resonantly-forced inertial motions in the northern Gulf of Mexico 1/1/2023
REU Site: Observing the Ocean 1/1/2022
Texas A&M Center for Environmental Health Research 1/1/2024
Texas A&M University - Texas Sea Grant Omnibus Funding 2018-2022 1/1/2022
Understanding the relative roles of Atlantic vs. Pacific coupled dynamics in initialized decadal climate predictions 1/1/2023