Active Grants for the Computer Science and Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
A Computer-based, Student-Centered Middle-School Approach to One Health Learning 1/1/2023
ARL: Innovative Ecosystem Performance Research 1/1/2024
An Unobtrusive Continuous Cuff-less Blood Pressure Monitor for Nocturnal Hypertension 1/1/2025
CAREER: Discourse Level Event-Event Relation Identification 1/1/2025
CAREER: Scalable Musculoskeletal Simulation for Biomechanical Animation 1/1/2024
CHS: Medium: Collaborative Reearch: Bio-behavioral data analytics to enable personalized training of veterans for the future workforce 1/1/2023
CHS: Small: Creating a VR Workspace for Design by Physical Manipulation 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: Adaptive explicit and implicit feedback in second language pronunciation training 1/1/2023
Collaborative Research: Fostering Engineering Creativity and Communication through Immediate, Personalized Feedback on 2D-Perspective Drawing 1/1/2024
FAI: Towards Fairness in Deep Neural Networks with Learning Interpretation 1/1/2023
III: Small: Collaborative Research: Demystifying Deep Learning on Graphs: From Basic Operations to Applications 1/1/2023
MRI: Acquisition of FASTER - Fostering Accelerated Sciences Transformation Education and Research 1/1/2023
NSF - Division of Earth Sciences 1948660 Collaborative Research: Community tools for automated paleoenvironmental interpretation from sedimentary field data ($897,739) TAMU PIs Ryan Ewing and Tracy Hammond ($589,480), Penn State PI: Liz Hajek ($308,359) 1/1/2023
SCH: INT: Personalized Models of Nutrition Intake from Continuous Glucose Monitors 1/1/2024
SHF: Small: Pa3S: Towards Pointer Analysis as a Service 1/1/2023
SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Exploring the Boundaries of Large-Scale Secure Computation 1/1/2023