Active Grants for the Mechanical Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
ARL: Air Ground Coordination 1/1/2024
ARL: Materials 1/1/2024
ARL: Tactical Networks 1/1/2024
Bioaerosol distribution and fate to ensure microbiological safety and quality in food and agricultural processing facilities 1/1/2024
CAREER: Development of 2d Materials with High Optical Sensitivity and Efficient Charge Transport Through Local Chemical Modification 1/1/2024
CAREER: Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Li and Na Metal: Toward Dendrite-and Damage-Free Metallic Anodes of Rechargeable Batteries 1/1/2025
CAREER: Enhancing Shock-Driven Turbulent Mixing using Multiphase Hydrodynamics 1/1/2024
CAREER: Partitive Solid Geometry for Computer-Aided Design: Principles, Algorithms, Workflows, & Applications 1/1/2026
CAREER: Ultrafast Localized Plasmas in Dense Fluids: From Fundamental Phase-Change Phenomena and Diagnostics to Efficient Heat and Mass Transport 1/1/2026
Collaborative Research: Fostering Engineering Creativity and Communication through Immediate, Personalized Feedback on 2D-Perspective Drawing 1/1/2024
Concrete and Composites Experiments and Modeling for Army Applications 1/1/2024
Developments Towards Oil-Free Turbochargers for UAVs 1/1/2024
GCR: Programmable Nanorobots Integration with Magnetically-Driven Neuron and Brain Tissue Regeneration 1/1/2025