Active Grants for the Materials Science and Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
4D+ Printing รข Form and Function Design in Shape Memory Alloys 1/1/2023
Additive Manufacturing of High Strength Steels for Lightweighting and Location-Specific Fragmentation 1/1/2024
Bacteria Super-Repellent and Water-efficient, Self-Cleaning Surfaces for Vegetable Washing, Grading, and Packing Machinery and Equipment 1/1/2023
CAREER: Conformational Control of pi-Conjugated Polymeric Materials Through Dynamic Bonds 1/1/2022
CAREER: Constrained Slip, Cracking and Instability in Extremely Anisotropic Nanolayered Solids 1/1/2025
CAREER: Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Li and Na Metal: Toward Dendrite- and Damage-Free Metallic Anodes of Rechargeable Batteries 1/1/2025
CAREER: First-Principles Predictive Theory and Microscopic Understanding of Nonlinear Light-Matter Interactions towards Designer Nonlinear Optical Materials 1/1/2023
CAREER: Heterogeneous Nucleation in Reversible Martensitic Transformations 1/1/2024
Center for Research Excellence on Dynamically Deformed Solids (CREDDS): Discovering the Role of Heterogeneities in High Strain Rate Mechanical Response- 1/1/2023
Collaborative Proposal: Multiscale Modeling of Damage Tolerance in Hexagonal Materials 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Educating the Workforce in Cyber & Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Preparing Students for the New Manufacturing Economy: An Integrative Learning Approach 1/1/2024
Collaborative Research: Small Crack Formation and Growth in the Presence of Reversible Martensite Transformation in High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys 1/1/2022
Collaborative Research: Synthesis and Rigidity Quantification of Ladder Polymers with Controlled Structural Defects 1/1/2023
D.5 University Leadership Initiative 1/1/2022
Dynamic Binary Complexes (DBC) as Super-Adjustable Viscosity Modifiers for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids 1/1/2022
EAGER: Microstructure-Preserving Joints Between Nano-Layered Metal Composites 1/1/2022
Environmental Monitoring of Hydrocarbons using a Selective, Sensitive and Trainable Electronic BTEX Sensing Platform Integrating Nanoporous Polymer Receptors and Carbon Nanotubes 1/1/2022
High Performance Multifunctional Smart Windows Using Novel Thermochromic Materials for Energy Conservation 1/1/2022
MRI: Acquisition of FASTER - Fostering Accelerated Sciences Transformation Education and Research 1/1/2023
Non-Isothermal Viscoplasticity in Metals 1/1/2023
Polymer-Based Capsules of Active Liquids Templated by Non-Aqueous Emulsions 1/1/2024
Probing Microstructure-Martensitic Transformation Couplings in Metamagnetic Shape Memory Alloys 1/1/2022
Production of Novel Low Density High Entropy Alloys: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches 1/1/2022
REU Site: Multifunctional Materials 1/1/2022
Robust Field Capable Assessment of Surface Modified Nickel Superalloys 1/1/2022
S&AS: INT: Autonomous Experimentation Platform for Accelerating Manufacturing of Advanced Materials 1/1/2022
Star-Shaped and Linear Polymers in Temperature-Responsive Layer-by-Layer Assemblies 1/1/2023
Texas Engineering Experiment Station Fellowship and Scholarship Support 1/1/2022
Understanding the interplay of precipitates and dislocations on the reversible martensitic transformation in cyclically actuated NiTiHf shape memory alloys 1/1/2023